Why I Became A Chiropractor

When I was 23, I was going to school in Dallas, Texas, 2000 miles away from where I was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania.

Like many students who are away from home, I was trying to find myself. Figuring out who I was, navigating responsibility of classes, schedule, daily adulting, taking care of myself.

Nearing the end of my academic career, I was confronted with a choice of where to go and what to do next. Paralyzed by the weight of my decisions, my back had gone out on me. Searching all over the place to find a chiropractor, a different technique, someone to just get this problem just in the right place, to let my pain, just to give me some relief from the suffering, nothing was getting better. I almost quit school thinking chiropractic was a sham.

Some of my classmates had studied a technique called the neuro-emotional technique, and I thought, I’m desperate. Anything to do to help. And through some open curiosity, we found that there was a stressor that was linked to my pain. And when we connected the dots, I started having tears streaming down my face, snot coming out my nose, sweat coming from everywhere. And my back pain was eliminated immediately.

I believe the mind-body connection is more powerful than we realize. My name is John Wendt. I’m a chiropractor, certified quantum neurology practitioner, and certified neuro-emotional technique.

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