Is CBD the new Acai?

Laughing on a warm summer morning after a yoga class in June 2017, we reflect on how exhausting our Hot Power Fusion class had been. I gazed at my girlfriend as she stopped, awestruck at the neighboring Juice Village. A new local superfood store with Acai bowls, delightful smoothies and blended detox juices. She squeaked and bounced through the door. I recall feeling unprepared as I had only a $20 in my yoga bag. It would not be enough.
Flash forward that same store today and what do you find? Thats right, CBD, in every imaginable form.

Am I anti-CBD?

No, it has its purpose.

Then what am I saying?

Food is vital, when it is fresh and organic. The longer a food is away from source, the more it decays, rotting back into source nutrients. If I am privileged enough to understand how to nurture plants to grow and develop into their fulfilled state, then I am able to maximize life vitality by eating fresh from the garden. Have you eaten food fresh from a garden? Please comment about your experience of the texture and flavor. Mention, if you recall, how you felt an hour later. That evening, and the next day.

In my book, Healing to Failure, coming 2021, I research how food preparation has changed over the centuries. Shockingly, or depressingly, processed food has paralleled disease. Even though this trend is measurable, and graphed over time, we culturally still yearn for some miracle food from a far off land that will fix our problems. Have we evolved from the snake oil, magic balm, cocaine activated, opiate suppressed choices of our ancestors?

As a practitioner of holistic medicine I feel that in order for ONE to heal, there must be mutual effort. The Doctor knows the constitution of the body, and the Patient is their own record keeper. The Doctor maintains a firm grip of personal philosophy in each realm; Metaphysics, Epistemology, Aesthetics, Logic, Political, and Ethics. The Patient practicing conscious living, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-assertiveness, living purposefully, and with personal integrity (Nathanial Brandon “The Six Pillars of Self Esteem”). Without clarity on either side of the relationship, the expectation for long term recovery and health should be eliminated. If the two may reach an agreement of the expectation, then proceeding down the rabbit hole in search of the root is possible.

To keep it simple. Life can have supportive stress, or destructive stress. A: Physical freedom of movement, reduce toxic environment, enhance nutritional vitality, extinguish limiting beliefs and automatic negative thoughts. B: Restriction of physical movement (masks/quarantine), enhanced toxic environment (indoor air quality often 2-5xs more toxic than outdoor air), lowered nutritional vitality (store bought, long shelf life processed food), enhanced confusion/uncertainty/anger/fear (mainstream media, loss of job, loss of freedom, misinformation).
Do you know which one is supportive and which one is destructive?

To bring us back from the depths of our thinking mind and into our day, I challenge you. How many Acai bowls do I have to eat to overcome my current life situation?
How much CBD must I ingest, slather on my skin, or soak in a tub to heal? Love you! Stay healthy!

Comment below, would love to hear your feedback.

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